Power Thoughts by Harman Kaur XIIA

Name of the book -Power Thoughts

Name of the author -Joyce Meyer

Publisher- Hachette book group

Place of publication – 237 Park Avenue New york ,NY 10017

Content – Basic motive of the book is how to deal with our mind. The author gives us 12 strategies to win the battle of the mind. Joyce is one of the world’s leading practical Bible teacher she tries to explain all the theories of the mind and working of thoughts in a simple and practical manner. She connects each and every strategy with the holy Bible which itself is a proof of all the happenings in the universe including our mind as well . She says that an individual has got treasure within themselves. Some of these treasures we have never unearthed,because our thinking has not enabled us to realize they exist.  For sure this book can change that . If an individual is looking for any kind of transformation must take a look at this book as it contains a series of strategies to deal with it. In the initial part of the book the author has also given the tactics for using this book.

Throughout this book ,you’ll see the word ~think about it ~,sometimes followed by a question or two one must take time to answer them at once. The book also contains apt example for inspiration. The 12 power thoughts you must study can completely transform your life. Each one is solidly based on God’s word,they are all scriptural , and their purpose is to encourage you to bring your thinking into agreement with god so one can enjoy him and his plans for us.

Overall Impression– I have personally experienced the power of these thoughts,they are not only any ideas or opinions,nor are the some kind of ~humanistic mind science~. They are all practical and universal.

Suggestion – I often suggest that one must meditate on them or on a passage of Scripture that affirms them it is not only meant for reading purpose,rather take note of it and think and work on it. If you are seeking healthy,powerful and happy life you must read this book.


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