Peter Pan by Purva Bawiskar VIIA

Name of Book – Peter Pan

Published by – Sunrise Publications

Place of Publication – New Delhi

Edition– 1st

Year- 2014

Price- 45/-

Acc. No.-GB-13706
Contents – Peter Pan is a story of a mischievous little boy who can fly and he did not want to grow up who visits the Darling family every night from Neverland to hear the Darling mother tell her three children bedtime stories. Wendy, John and Michael live in society.  One night Peter Pan comes to their nursery. They fly with him to Neverland and meet the Lost Boys.  Captain Hook and his pirates live on Jolly Roger.  One evening Wendy, John and Michael decide to return home.  Meanwhile they were captured by pirate capture. Tinker Bell comes near Peter Pan and narrates about what happens with children.  Then Peter arrives and fights with Captain Hook. Hook falls into the mouth of the crocodile.  At last Peter takes the children to their house but he and Tinker Bell return to Neverland. 
I was fascinated by the story because it is very exciting when Peter fights with Captain Hook on Jolly Roger.  I think the  ending of the story is  good because Hook falls  into  the mouth  of the crocodile  but it is  also  bad since  Peter returns  to Never land. 

Overall impression– If  I  were Peter, I  would not return  to  Never land because  I  want to  live with  a family, listen to  beautiful stories  and study. I  think Peter is intelligent  and brave  because he  has  many ideas  to  save  his  friends. 
Suggestion – I highly recommend this book to my friends because it is very exciting and interesting. I love this book very much.

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