The story of my life by Srusti Santosh Auti IXB

Name of Book – The story of my life

Name of Author – Helen Keller

Publisher – Arya Publisher company

Place of Publication – District Sirmour (Himachal pradesh)

Edition – first

Year – 2013

Price – 98/-

Contents – This book is an autobiography of a blind and deaf girl of Alabama . Helen was not deaf and blind by birth. Her illness ( deafness and blindness) grew when she was of eighteen months. She was born on June 27,1880.Her teacher was Anne Sullivan. Mrs Anne was her first teacher .Helen knew some words before her illness. Anne Sullivan started her work in March 1887. She tried to make Helen pick up language by spelling words into her hands .Helen had a sister. When her sister was a baby Helen was jealous of her. Because her mother was spending more time with her sister. When they both were adolescent they were good companion .Anne Sullivan remained with Keller as a companion. Anne died in 1936. With the passage of time and with single-minded devotion, Keller became a world famous writer and speaker. She died on 1 June 1968.

Overall impression – This book is very nice .It give us many morals .

Suggestion – I suggest everyone to read this book .This book is inspiring and valuable to me and I hope it will be for you also.

Rating – Very Good

Your Name – Srusti Santosh Auti

Class and Section/Designation – IX- B

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