Book of Sports and Games by Rohit Balmiki VIIIC

Name of Book – Book of Sports and Games

Name of Author – Mukesh Kumar

Publisher – Lokesh Thani for Sports Publication

Place of Publication – Ashok Vihar , New Delhi

Edition – First

Year – 1995

Price – 140/-

Contents – 1 Athletics
2 Badminton
3 Basketball
4 Boxing
5 Cricket
6 Football
7 Gymnastic
8 Hockey
9 Judo
10 Swimming
11 Table Tennis
12 Tennis
13 Wrestling

Overall impression – The over all impression of all games today , after having gone through the Easterbook treament , is of a game deeply is need of reform on every level . Here’ s hoping that the book of sports and game because of maual for improving the game that easter book and million of americans so deeply love.

Suggestion – I have receive good knowledge about sports and game. Every one must read this book is available our Vidyalaya Library.

Rating – Excellent

Your Name – Rohit Shailesh Balmiki

Class and Section/Designation – VIII-C

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