Diary of A Wimpy Kid by Kalyani Nair XIA

Name of Book – Diary of A Wimpy Kid

Name of Author – Jeff Kinney

Publisher – Puffin Books

Place of Publication – Great Britain

Edition – 2nd

Year – 2008

Price – 299/-

Contents – The novel is a journal of an ordinary boy named Greg and his interesting daily life experiences.It is a novel in cartoons which makes it different from the rest of the novels.The journal clearly reflects the thoughts and feelings of a teenage boy who resides with his family in the USA.His family includes his mom,dad,elder brother Rodrick and his younger brother Manny.He has a best friend named Rowley ,who is very innocent boy of his age.The novel includes many lively experiences of a real life student.One of such experiences is a funny prank played by his elder brother Rodrick.A couple of days into his summer vacation, Rodrick woke him up in the middle of the night and told him that it was the first day of school.Greg believed in Rodrick because he was dressed up in his school clothes and he had set his alarm clock ahead to make it look like it was morning and he closed the curtains so Greg couldn’t see that it was still dark.After Rodrick woke him up, he got dressed up and started to eat his breakfast.As a consequence, his dad was downstairs, yelling at him for eating breakfast at 3:00 in the morning.It took Greg a minute to figure out what actually happened! He told his dad that Rodrick had played a trick on him.His dad walked down to the basement to chew Rodrick out but, Rodrick covered up his tracks pretty good.He pretended to be at sleep and his dad thought that Greg got a screw loose or something.There are many other experiences like this in the novel.

Overall impression – The experiences of the protagonist correlates with the daily life experiences of a student.The book is lively because it includes cartoons which makes it different from other novels.

Suggestion – Every student should read this book as it will probably bring smile to your faces.You will definitely experience a real school life in the imaginary world of this book.I am sure that you all will like this book.

Rating – Excellent

Your Name – Kalyani Nair

Class and Section/Designation – XI A

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