Reignited by Shreya Pawar XIIC

Name of Book – Reignited

Name of Author – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Srijan Pal Singh

Publisher – Penguin random house, Gurugram, Haryana



Contents:- The book gives a brief introduction about different scientists and incidents that inspired them to be who they were. I loved reading about Michael Faraday and how he became one of the best scientists and inventors in the world. Then the book takes up one field of science and explains about it in detail. The fields include Robotics, Aeronautics, Pathology, Space Science, Neuroscience, Material Science and Palaeontology. Dr Kalam and Srijan Pal give detailed description of each field giving us a background about it who were the great scientists involved in the field how the field evolved itself and what is the future going to be like. Each chapter is peppered with incidents which make the reading fun and interesting. A question answer session on each subject ensures that all our questions are answered while interviews with the subject matter experts are superb to read and the questions asked to them are practical and reveal an ocean of information. The authors have spoken to Indian born scientists at eminent positions making us feel proud about the fact that we can do as well as anyone else. The end of each chapter also shows us the path forward incase one wants to pursue the field on how to do it, what are the basic subjects to study at school level and where in India and abroad one can apply for the same. The authors manage to even convince us to eat healthy food to pursue any field as good health is the basis of everything. A note to parents followed by an oath which any aspiring scientist can take along with a fun exercise completes each chapter.

Overall impression- The science behind things and scientific theories are explained in a simple and lucid manner so that the children grasp the meaning. I loved the way each vocation has been depicted at the start of each chapter. The illustrations are awesome and add value to the text, making it easier to understand. The entire book makes a fascinating read and the language is not very difficult to understand. The concepts are explained in a simple manner so that even a layman and a student can understand the theory behind so many fascinating things. I must admit I learnt a lot reading the book

Suggestion­- The book ignites students seeking their career to find a correct path i.e to choose a career and pursue it. Also, while reading it, one can his or her own interests in each field. I would suggest each of the students who are in search of their future career to have a glance at the book. It will surely develop a kind of interest among students to pursue and follow a particular direction.

Name- Shreya Pawar


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