The 3 mistakes of my life by Akash Sawant XIIA

Name of the book – “The 3 mistakes of my life “.
Author – Chetan bhagat .
Publisher and place –Published by  :New Delhi
Year of publication – 2008 .
Pages – 258
Price – Rs. 95:00
ISBN No. – 978-81-291-1372-6 .
Acc.No. – GB-13010
 Content: The story is based on a simple boy named govind who lived in   ahmedabad (gujarat) and his friends omi and ishan. the story begins with chetan bhagat receiving an e-mail from govind who had taken many sleeping pills at a time and is about to die and was writing the e-mail to bhagat telling  3 mistakes of his  life.chetan was very amazed by getting the e-mail ,  though he get many e-mails and letters  but this e-mail made him amazed . govind was taken to a hospital in ahmedabad  and fortunately , he was still alive to tell three mistakes of his life .

Govind sets up a sports shop near the temple with the help of omi’s family . the shop goes very well . govind wanted to buy a shop in navrangpur shopping mall .  his friends was against him but he buys the shop in the mall . but the mall got destroyed due to 2001 earthquake in gujarat . govind had  a great loss .

Ishan coaches young boys in cricket . there he meets a young boy ali . the boy was very talented as he hit each ball for a six .the boy got many offers from foreign also but he refused . omi’s bittoo mama a party man convert the young boys into fighters in the name of hindunism. though ali was muslim bittoo mama also wanted to kill ali  but omi dies while saving ali .

Govind teaches maths to ishan ‘s sister vidya who stole his heart.when ishan knows about it he got very angry on both of them and refused to forgive them ,  earliar . this lead govind to dead bed and writing this letter to bhagat .
the three mistakes of Govind’s life –
1. Govind had invested a huge amount of money on buying the shop in the mall but his friends was against him . the money goes in vain . as gujarat was hit by an earthquake in 2001. this was his first mistake .
2. He couldn’t save ali because of his own selfishness and also lost his friend . this was his second mistake
3.The third mistake made by him was he fall in love with ishan ‘s sister vidya , which ishan didn’t forgive earliar .
My Suggestion –
Honestly, i liked the story very much and i found the story very emotional .
the starting and the end of  story was very good . Some parts of the story
seems to be very real while the story was fictional . we get many good morals from the story specially from the 2ndmistake  . the climax part was very good and was full of suspense. Overall, the story was very good

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