Wizard of oz by Amit Sharma Class-XIC

Name of the book – Wizard of oz

Name of writer- L. Frank Baum

Published by– Om books  International

Year – 2001

Edition – 1st

Price – 30/-

Contents-This book is illustrated graphic novels. A beautiful girl Dorothy lived in Kansas with her aunt and uncle. Once a cyclone came and his house whirled around a few times and suddenly, fly in the air and reached in a beautiful place. A witch of north appeared and she give the magical shoes and advice to meet the oz. In way she friendship scarecrow, tin man and lion. When all were reach the palace of Oz all take the green glasses. The Oz says to all bring me a proof that the witch of the west is dead and I will grant you all wishes. All were go to the place of witch of west. In way she faces lot of problems. Witch captivated the lion and Dorothy. The witch takes the magic shoes and the Dorothy has angreed and she sprinkled the water on her then witch was melt and she brings the proof. Dorothy rescues her friends and goes to Land of Oz. The Oz has completed the wish of all Oz made a balloon to return Kansas but she was not going to return Kansas. After some times a princess was come and she reach the Dorothy go back to Kansas.

Suggestion- You must read this book this book is a fantastic story. I like the character of Dorothy she rescue his friends alone

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