The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Shreya Pawar XIIC

Name of Book – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Name of Author – Robin Sharma

Publisher – Jaico books

Place of Publication – Jaico books publishing house. Delhi, Ahmedabad , Mumbai.

Edition -1st

Year – 2013

Price – Rs.185.00/-

Contents – The book takes a form of a fable about Julian Mantle, a famous attorney with busy schedule and a set of priorities that revolve around money, pride and prestige. As such he represents the values of the society. The story is narrated by one of his assistants and a friend john who admires Mantle’s great success and aspires to be like him. But when Julian gets a heart attack, he drops the game and disappears. He sells all his possessions and goes to Himalayas to find more meaningful existence. When he comes back, he has totally changed. Really its as if he is a totally different person. He learned from some mythical Himalayan sages who give him mystical yet practical advice, which he shares with John. The core of this book is the seven virtues of an enlightened learning, which Mantle reveals one by one which are as follows- 1. Master your mind 2. Follow your purpose 3. Practice kaizen 4. Live with discipline 5. Respect your time 6. Selflessly serve others 7. Embrace the present Each of this virtues is discussed in detail in separate chapters, each one of them with a number of concepts and habits to develop. Most of them are very inspiring and very useful.

Over all impression – The book can be titled as an inspiring and motivating book. It directs individuals towards achieving and accomplishing their life goals. It plays an important role in shaping one’s actions and non actions. The book has a number of techniques which we can implement in our daily lives so as to live every moment to the fullest. Thus, it can be deduced that this book teaches many useful and significant responses to every situation. Also, it teaches as well as delights the reader.

Suggestion – The book is no doubt a wonderful book as it has many motivational incidents. I would suggest all the readers of all the age groups to read the book. It encompasses a number of truths which we can adapt in our routine.

Rating – Very Good

Name – Shreya Pawar

Class and Section – XII C

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