The adventure of Robinson Crusoe by Amit Keshwan Class-VIIIB

Book name: The adventure of  Robinson Crusoe

Author: Daniel De foe

Publisher: Little scholarz

Edition: 1st

Price: 28/-

Contents: This novel is a fictional autobiography of a young man named Robinson Crusoe. It is very interesting adventure that was to change his life on the journey, misfortunate strikes and the ship is attacked turkeys pirates and Crusoe is taken as slave. He dramatically escapes and lands on a uninhabited island.

The rest of the book tells us how Crusoe learns to live his life on an island 27 years. He fined a foot print which is not his and he fined a man and he helped and taught to speak English. One day a ship that has been a victim of muting arrives on the island. He helped the captain and the prisoners to retrieve the ship and eventually sets off back to London. 

Overall impression: This Book is inspired by the real story of Robinson Crusoe. 

Suggestion: This is very interesting adventure.

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