Stories from Panchatantra by Shreyans Lunkad, VIII A

Book Name- Stories from Panchatantra

Author- Shivkumar

Publisher: Children’s Book Trust

Place of Publication: New Delhi

Edition: 1st

Year: 1988


Price: 13.50/-

Contents: I read this book this book is very nice. I love this book because this book is my favorite. In this book many types of stories like the monkey and the crocodile your know the story of monkey and the crocodile the monkey was very clever and the crocodile wife was loved rose apples but the crocodile wife did not like her husband coming home late every days. She wanted to stop it. But the clever monkey was foolish the crocodile and save his life.

In this book the stories of panchatantra, originally written in Sanskrit, are very old. Legend has it that a king who had three foolish sons engaged a versatile teacher, vishnusarman who taught them how to be happy and successful in life. Pancha means five; tantra means doctrines of conduct or modes of action, namely, confidence or modes of creation of prosperity or affluence, earnest Endeavour, friendship, and knowledge. In this book my favorite story is “The big lion and the little rabbit” this story gives the very good message for him this message is only power is not a winning thing cleverness plays a very important role for winning. This book has many stories and every story gives a very great was very knowledgeable for all. I loved this book very much. The figure of this book was very beautiful and very nice.

Suggestion: The book is based on knowledgeable things and ideas.

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